Our Farm


Berkshire Hills Honey Bee Farm is a growing apiary located in the rolling hills of central New York State just east of the Finger Lakes region. We are a family-run bee farm that produces pure, all natural raw honey and bee related products. We harvest our honey only from bees raised and acclimated to the Northeast; primarily collected from local stock – from bee trees, home removals and wild (feral) swarms. There are no Southern or Western bee stock in our hives to ensure that our bees can handle the harsher climate of the Northeast. Our goal is to become a premier local queen, nuc hive and honey producer, with all of our products derived from our own bees and hives. Our philosophy is to be as natural as possible, which is why we want winter acclimated bees and why we use all natural ingredients in all our products and even in our parasite treatments.

I left big industry after 38 years and started my small family-run bee business in 2009. But I’ve been keeping bees for over 45 years and am a 5th generation bee keeper. Our family started keeping bees in the 1870’s when the only product was section comb honey (which we still make); so beekeeping runs deep in my veins. I have a deep passion for the bees and for doing my part for sustainable beekeeping here in the Northeast that benefits the environment and the bees. I just want to be a good steward of what God has given and blessed us with!

Love those bees and beekeeping!

Bob Finch – Apiarist

Berkshire Hills Honey Bee Farm