About the Bees

A little History about my bee stock


Here at our farm we are really all about the Bees. Other then family and life’s obligations and doing life we are all about honey bees learning more and educating those we rub shoulders with. I believe education is the key to positive change and keeping up to managing for healthy bees. Our bees have so many stressors on them and against them in today’s environment and the way we do agriculture today.  Beekeeping is far different today then when I started out in the early 70’s.

All my bees are from local feral bee colonies . I have never bought any bees outside of New York state. I have gotten all my bees from local building, tree removals and feral caught swarms. I believe in buying and keeping locally acclimated bees. Bees that that are all ready use to their environment, seasons and honey flows. I do buy queens to keep the gene pool strong and prevent inbreeding. I also am trying to get to a treatment free stock of bees that are alive in the spring and are winter hardy. I graft my own queens from survivor queens that produce well and survive our winters and are becoming mite tolerant. All my bees are from right here in the Southern tier of Central New York.

My main goal is to become a good steward of what God has given us. To become a sustainable, treatment free, and healthy bee apiary. By producing my own bees, by raising my own queens and sustaining the apiary by the raising of nucs, and not ever having to buy any bees . I believe Nucs are the answer to sustainable beekeeping for every beekeeper large or small. Nucs give you so many options, a good queen, frames of capped brood,and bees to handle and fix any problem colonies. Just a total package of resources,when you raise your own queens and nucs.



House removals
Removing the brood
Bee Trees
Catching Swarms
Education, teaching new beekeepers.
Grafting my own Queens
Producing Nucs


Love Those Bees and Beekeeping, There is no other craft like it.

Bob Finch Apiarist